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About the Telesafe brand

Telesafe is a product brand of ELKO AS, the Norwegian manufacturer of structured cabling products. Since the establishment in 1975, Telesafe has supplied our customers with the best know-how and products available at any given time. From January 1st 2003 the company Telesafe AS was merged with the Norwegian company ELKO AS.

The company philosophy has always been to follow international standards and regulations as they are set by ISO/IEC and CENELEC. Any product and system delivered or supported by Telesafe is guaranteed to meet all standard electrical and mechanical specifications.

For many years Telesafe has been in the forefront of the development of high speed and wide band cabling solutions such as the CMG®, connecting hardware for bandwidths exceeding 1,4 GHz, and a WTP® cabling system for multimedia and SOHO applications. We regard this as the future standard for copper cabling, and therefore see it as an opportunity to prolong copper technology for many years to come.

The Telesafe brand is represented in many European countries. The main stronghold is Scandinavia with an established sales and support company in Sweden.

ELKO is highly aware of the problems of world pollution, and consequently all products manufactured by the company are made of non-toxic and 100% recyclable materials.